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Summer Road Trip 2018, Part 7: Port Angeles, Not a Total Disaster

I left the Honda service department determined go with the flow. Ellie was down but hopefully in good hands. Mariah, the Wilder Honda service advisor, offered me a loaner car for $25 per day. I took it.

I moved the bare necessities into my new loaner. For at least a couple of days, I'll be driving a hybrid Honda Insight.

My first concern was getting a tent, because now I'll be without my camper top. I found Brown's Outdoors, a local gear shop in downtown Port Angeles and decided to buy a Marmot Tungsten 2. It's a two-man tent that looked more like a three-man when compared to the tents I take backpacking. With a tent in hand, I was ready to head for The Park.

It was late in the afternoon and time to find a place to pitch my tent for the night. I headed into the National Park and was lucky to find an available campsite at Heart O' The Hills campground just outside Port Angeles.

I set up my tent, made my bed, and went to sleep. I got up early to take a short morning walk. I was settling in for the waiting game. I went back to the tent and checked that my phone was charged. I slept a couple of hours the made breakfast.

By 10, I hadn't heard from the dealership. I decided to start exploring Olympic in the black and white hybrid wedge that I've started calling "Ansel."

I looked at the park map for idea and saw I was in a valley below Hurricane Ridge. There was a road to the top so I jumped in Ansel to have a look.

I drove up to the Hurricane Ridge Visitor's Center to learn a little about the area and get the park passport cancelation. There were several small hikes that spoked out from the parking lot and I spent a few hours hiking along the ridge.

After the trip up to Hurricane Ridge, I went down into Port Angeles to visit Ellie and get my grilling supplies. Fire bans are common right now with all the wildfires, but open fires are allowed in Olympic National Park, so I got the bag of charcoal and my grill to cook dinner.

They had moved Ellie from the campground spot up into VIP parking. The manager told me last night that they needed to move Ellie indoors for the night because they were concerned about theft.

I didn't want to keep pestering the service advisor so I got the charcoal and grill, then headed over to the grocery store.

I bought food for the grill and a six pack of Freemont's Summer American Pale in the can. I prefer cans. They're just easier to store, keep cold and recycle.

I was making the drive back up to Heart O' the Hills Campground when my phone dinged. It was a voicemail message. It was Mariah, from Wilder Honda and the timestamp on the message was from 9:30 this morning.

Her message confirmed a broken a rear axel. I had an option of either a genuine or aftermarket part, but either would need to be ordered.

It was ready to be worked on all day and for some reason I never got the message.

I immediately called back but it was almost 6 PM. I left a message apologizing for a delayed response and reaffirmed my desire to have it fixed. I said I would be there to discuss my options when they open at 9AM.

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