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Summer Road Trip 2018, Part 3: Montrose to Boise

I stopped for the night near Montrose because I wanted to check out Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

Within a few hours I was on the road and headed for Grand Junction.

I found a cool lot (in Montrose, I think), filled with old rusty cars. I was intrigued so I stopped to have a closer look. I keep an open mind when it comes to taking photos in a situation like this. I'm just open for a story or a pattern. On this day, the retro-style of old automobile badges and logos stood out to me.

I took Interstate 70 west from Grand Junction toward Utah. I drove into a sandstorm just before the state line.

I crossed the state line in the early evening and the light was amazing.

From I-70 I turned north on US-6 and caught Interstate 15 toward Provo and Salt Lake City.

Driving northbound, Salt Lake seems to go on forever. I was glad to have Salt Lake behind me. I continued north on I-15 out of Salt Lake before catching Interstate 84 west toward the Utah-Idaho state line.

My goal was to be in Idaho before stopping to sleep or camp. I went to checkout a campground in The Curlew National Grasslands and crossed the state line into Idaho on a small country road.

The campground wasn't great, so I moved on. I did see an owl standing in the road eating its prey. To quote James Bond, "one sympathizes." The owl didn't move so I parked the car to get a better lens on my camera. He flew off before I could get a good picture.

I opted to sleep at a road side rest stop somewhere in Idaho. On my way there, I crossed out and and back into Idaho, this time on I-84.

I got a good night's sleep. I woke refreshed and ready for the final leg into Boise. I got an early start and made good time on the road.

I was a little ahead of schedule as I approached Boise so I took a side excursion up to Bonneville Point, a mountain-top State Park that overlooks Boise from the east.

With Boise in sight and 1,700 miles in the rear view mirror, I was able to relax and appreciate how well everything worked out.

I drove into downtown Boise and had a bite to eat before planning my departure.

All that remained was to find a safe place to park Ellie for the week, then catch my flight back to Dallas at 6 PM. I found a spot, caught the plane, and made it home to my loft just before 2 AM.

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