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Summer Road Trip 2017, Part 11: Glacier National Park

I arrived at West Glacier about 5 in the afternoon. The drive between Missoula and Glacier is beautiful, particularly the section along the east shore of Lake Flathead. I passed several state parks on the lake shore and thought it might be nice to camp at one on my next time through.

This is my first time to visit Glacier National Park so I wanted to get a campground and start getting familiar with the park. A sign at the park entrance listed campgrounds with open sites and fortunately there were options.

My first stop was the Apgar Visitor Center but it was already closed. I stretched my legs a bit then continued to the Apgar Campground to find a campsite. I found a spot without any problem. I unloaded the minibike, removed the Moto-Transporter from the hitch, and hung my hammock between a couple of pine trees.

Camping in Glacier is going to be great. The scenery is amazing, the temperature is cool, the campgrounds have plenty of shade and the people seem friendly.

I took the minibike to the Apgar Village general store to get some firewood but soon learned about the wildfires ravaging several of the surrounding mountains. At this time. a complete fire ban is in effect.

I returned to the campsite just after dark. I popped the camper top, got my bed ready, then relaxed in the hammock until just after midnight. It was a beautiful night. It was so nice to have finally made it to Glacier and I wanted to be outside but I needed to get some sleep so I could get an early start the next morning.

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