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Fish and Camp: Foos Creek

Fish and camp score: 7

Somewhere along the road from Salida to Monarch there's a pull off named Foos Creek. The creek itself, while flowing towards Foos Pond, cuts a tight wooded valley. As it descends the creek forms a beautiful collection of little pools and fast riffles separated by tight sections of steep cascades.

Fly-fishing can be tough in places where vegetation encroachment is severe, but I found a few spots where well-placed casting can produce hours of good fishing.

I'm told this stream holds brook trout but I didn't catch one on this day. There are definitely trout in this stream and camping in this area is permitted too. If you drive up above the pond, the pull-off camp sites get pretty good. Several narrow sections help to space out campsites from each other. This helps to provide some degree of privacy, even when the adjacent campsites are occupied.

There are several places where fishing and camping are completely possible from a single location. My Verizon Hotspot didn't get a signal, so I classify this as a fishing spot with camping and not vice versa. A great camping spot is a spot I can work from and this isn't one of them. But it's a good fishing spot with camping to add to the rotation.

The proximity to Salida makes it a convenient location to camp when exploring that part of Colorado.

I camped here for two nights over a weekend. I fished in the mornings and evenings, but spent the days exploring the area for new, smaller water. The weather was unseasonably cold for this time of year, which may be why I didn't see many people waking or driving by. I did see a couple of mountain bikers. Both nights I returned after dark to park and sleep.

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