The Journey is the Objective

May 19, 2017

Fish and camp score: 7

Somewhere along the road from Salida to Monarch there's a pull off named Foos Creek. The  creek itself, while flowing towards Foos Pond, cuts a tight wooded valley.  As it descends the creek forms a beautiful collection of little pools and fast riffles separated by tight sections of steep cascades.

Fly-fishing can be tough in places where vegetation encroachment is severe, but I found a few spots where well-placed casting can produce hours of good fishing.

I'm told this stream holds brook trout but I didn't catch one on this day.  There are...

June 20, 2016

Getting across the Colorado state line took longer than expected due to the heavy traffic leaving Dallas and numerous stops for gas, food and supplies.  My goal was to get to Springfield, Colorado before stopping for the night to sleep.  That was a stretch, but I finally pulled into Springfield just after 1 AM..  

My plan was to head west from Springfield toward Kim and continue on to Trinidad.  This is a new route for me, so I didn't know where I'd be able to park for the night.  I decided to pull over at a truck stop at the intersection of US-287 and US-160.  Getting to the truck stop required looping around on a front...

June 15, 2016

After a long day of flying, driving, waiting, and buying, I finally have Ellie.  She's a 2005, Rallye Red Honda Element that I purchased from John Steinhauser at Encore Motorcars in Sarasota, Florida.  Paying the non-refundable deposit for a car I'd never seen then buying a one-way flight to Florida was certainly a leap of faith.  

But Ellie looked to be in great condition, with 92k miles and great service history.  So with little more than a backpack on my shoulder, I boarded a Southwest Airlines flight from love field to Tampa Bay to buy a car I'd only seen online.

Upon arriving in Tampa, I was met by a d...

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