The Journey is the Objective

September 4, 2017

My stay in Rocky Mountain National Park was just an overnighter.  I found a campsite at Timber Creek Campground just inside The Park's East Entrance.  I unloaded the MiniTrail and went for a short ride to do some fishing at the Baker-Bowen trailhead.  I fished for a couple of hours and returned to the campsite to get some wood and make a fire.

The Timber Creek Campground was once heavily wooded, but a pine beetle infestation left the site without its mature trees.  Today it looks barren, offering no privacy from other campers in adjacent sites, particularly when compared to other campgrounds in the park....

September 1, 2017

After 3 wonderful days, it was time to leave Glacier and head toward Washing State. The original plan was to pass through Spokane to see an old fried on my way to Olympic National Park.  I won't be making it to Olympic this trip, but getting to Spokane was definitely going to happen.  

I wanted a shower before getting on the road for another thousand miles but there are no pay showers in Glacier.  The Park Ranger at the Fish Creek Campground gave me a list of shower options outside of the park and I drove around West Glacier checking out several,

I eventually decided on the KOA...

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