The Journey is the Objective

May 21, 2017

The game warden was driving past me on a small dirt road, so I waved him down to verify some information I received from a fly shop in Salida, Colorado.

When he rolled his window down, I asked if this is the way to the SWA (State Wildlife Area) parking lot that sits adjacent to an easement granted by a local farmer.  The easement permits fly fishers to access one bank of the stream that meanders through the broad valley that feeds the reservoir just north of Westcliffe.  

He seemed surprised by my question but immediately said yes, then stopped.  "Do you have your fishing license?"

"Absolutely" I said, handing him my guide lanyard with l...

May 20, 2017

I was driving down Foos Creek Canyon today when I pulled over in a parking area near the exit to Foos Pond.  I don't remember why I'd pulled over but, for some reason, I had gotten out of my car.  As I looked up the mountain side into the trees, I saw a strange series of pilings going on for as far as I could see.  

It was the combination of size and scale that made this sight so compelling.  I ventured up the hill and into the trees to get a better look.  As usual, I also wanted to get a few good images.  Each piling was constructed from dozens of tree trunks arranged into densely packed teepee formations.  They looked eeril...

May 19, 2017

Fish and camp score: 7

Somewhere along the road from Salida to Monarch there's a pull off named Foos Creek. The  creek itself, while flowing towards Foos Pond, cuts a tight wooded valley.  As it descends the creek forms a beautiful collection of little pools and fast riffles separated by tight sections of steep cascades.

Fly-fishing can be tough in places where vegetation encroachment is severe, but I found a few spots where well-placed casting can produce hours of good fishing.

I'm told this stream holds brook trout but I didn't catch one on this day.  There are...

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